Bee Swarm Simulator Bees Tier List - All Bees, ranked (2024)

As you start to explore Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator you’ll find there are many types of bees, but also limited space to store them. Read on to find out which ones to prioritize with my Bee Swarm Simulator bees tier list.

All bees in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator, ranked

Bee Swarm Simulator Bees Tier List - All Bees, ranked (1)

One of the nice things about Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator is you don’t have to leave your favorites behind as you level up. Once you reach the Mountain Top Shop you can add extra spaces for bees to your hive. But you’ll still want to be moving on from some of your earliest acquisitions as you find rarer bees.

A great way to do this is through Royal Jelly. It gives you a 30 percent chance to get an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic bee each time you use it. It may even be a Mutated or Gifted variant and, even better, you keep the levels and bond of the bee you transform. However, the bee won’t necessarily be better than the one you had previously if it was at least a rare bee.

S+Tabby Bee, Vicious Bee, Windy Bee
SBear Bee, Digital Bee, Festive Bee, Gummy Bee, Photon Bee,
ABuoyant Bee, Cobalt Bee, Crimson Bee, Fuzzy Bee, Music Bee, Puppy Bee, Precise Bee, Spicy Bee, Tadpole Bee, Vector Bee
BBaby Bee, Carpenter Bee, Demon Bee, Diamond Bee, Lion Bee, Ninja Bee, Rage Bee, Shy Bee
CBubble Bee, Bucko Bee, Commander Bee, Demo Bee, Exhausted Bee, Fire Bee, Frosty Bee, Honey Bee, Riley Bee, Shocked Bee
DBasic Bee, Bomber Bee, Brave Bee, Bumble Bee, Cool Bee, Hasty Bee, Looker Bee, Rad Bee, Rascal Bee, Stubborn Bee

Note that this list uses each bee’s normal form. Once bees become Gifted, they’ll usually bump up at least one spot on this list and often two or more. Treat your Gifted bees like royalty!

Best bees in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator Bees Tier List - All Bees, ranked (2)

S+ Tier bees

  • Tabby Bee: Tabby Bee is the the king of conversion. As you play it will spawn Tabby Love tokens, each of which stack to boost its pollen-gathering and conversion stats. This can stack 1k times, making it an absolute monster of a bee over time!
  • Vicious Bee: If you’re looking for a bee to take the fight to the critters that threaten your collecting efforts, look no further than Viscious Bee. Its Spike ability does a lot of damage and triggers every 30 seconds, making it one of the better damage-dealing bees in the game.
  • Windy Bee: Collecting pollen is the name of the game and the best bee for this particular job is Windy Bee. It gives an excellent bonus to white conversion and its Rain Cloud ability is also fantastic, as it increases the benefit you’ll get from Rain Clouds that spawn near you from other players (meaning +50 percent pollen).

S Tier bees

  • Bear Bee: While you usually need to spend Robux to get Bear Bee, it's worth the small investment if you can afford it (but you can equally live without it, so don’t needlessly push your finances). It’s a great boost bee and the best thing to spend Robux on in the game if you want to invest some cash. Bear Bee becomes a bear, doubling pollen and boosting your Speed and Jump Power.
  • Festive Bee: Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll get loads of great freebies during Field Boosts and that’s on top of it being a great converter. But mainly, it’s for the gifts. Some of these gifts are server-wide too, so everyone benefits. On top of this, it has standard abilities such as Red Bomb+ and Money Mark.

A Tier bees

  • Fuzzy Bee: Fuzzy Bee is solid in every situation so you’ll find most players want Fuzzy in their hives. No matter whether you’re going for any particular color, Fuzzy is always useful thanks to
  • Music Bee: The Music Bee’s combination of Token Link plus Melody and Focus abilities make it another bee you’ll find in most high-end hives. The latter two boost Crit Power and Crit Chance, and stack, while token Link rewards you with bonus honey from collected tokens.

B Tier bees

  • Ninja Bee: While low on this list for its Legendary status, Ninja Bee is still a solid addition to most (especially blue) hives. Its tokens (Blue Bomb and Haste) are both solid and it has good speed and attack.
  • Rage Bee: Rage Bee is always good to have around as it boosts the damage of the other bees in your hive. This is very useful when AFK to save you from getting a nasty surprise from a predator! It also has the Token Link ability, which allows it to collect nearby tokens and reward you with Honey.

C and D Tier bees

When you get towards the end game of Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator you’re likely to start to move towards a particular type of theme for your hive. Perhaps you’ll go down the single-color route, an AFK hive, etc. Once you do, some lower-ranked bees can come into their own.

Also, once Gifted, even the humble Basic Bee becomes a potent member of your hive thanks to some strong hive bonuses. So, while these bees are great to replace in the mid-game with more exclusive bees, keep an eye on where you’re lacking and start to consider what you want your hive to work towards. Then fill the gaps with these lower-tier bees and hope for some Gifted gacha luck!

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Bee Swarm Simulator Bees Tier List - All Bees, ranked (2024)


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