32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (2024)

Hello summer quotes are the perfect way to welcome the warm weather and sunny days! After a long, dark winter and chilly spring, we’re so excited to finally have some warmer weather and longer days.

To help get everyone in the spirit of the season, I’ve put together a list of favorite sayings and quotes to welcome summer. Whether you’re looking for some short summer captions to post on social media or just want some inspiration for your own summer adventure, I hope you’ll find the perfect quote on this list!

For even more inspiration to have your best summer, check out my full collection of seasonal and motivational quotes… lots of good stuff!

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The Importance of Welcoming Summer

These quotes for saying hello to summer truly are for everyone. I willingly admit that I’m a completely indoorsy person… and I still love the sun and the relaxed spirit of summer!

It’s all about feeling those summer vibes. Take some tasks off your plate, settle back, and let the stress float away like the outgoing tide.

Make a conscious effort to enjoy the parts of summer that you’ve always loved, and maybe try a couple of new things to welcome summer into your life and your home.

You may be surprised at what a difference a season makes. 😉

Hair gets lighter.
Skin gets darker.
Water gets warmer.
Drinks get colder.
Music gets louder.
Nights get longer.
Life gets better.”

Hello Summer Quotes

“Goodbye, spring… Hello, summer!”

“Hello Summer, I’ve been waiting for you.”

32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (2)

“Hello, Sweet Summer!”

“Say hello to Summer!”

“Hello there, sunshine.”

“Hello, Summer! Let’s have some fun!”

32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (3)

“Hello summer… Let’s do this!”

Welcome Summer Quotes

“Welcome, summer!”

“Summer, you are welcome here.”

32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (4)

“Welcome, summer. Please be awesome.”

“Welcome back, summer.”

Short Summer Sayings

“Summer is a state of mind.”

“Let the summer begin!”

“Happiness is cold watermelon.”

“Watch more sunsets than Netflix.”

32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (5)

“Let’s make this summer unforgettable.”

“Summer vibes only.”

“I need to go where there’s no shoes and no responsibilities.”

“Every summer has a story.”

“Summer is the best excuse for lazy days.”

“It’s summer, y’all!”

“Sunshine on my mind.”

“I was made for sunny days.”

“Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat.”

32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (6)

“Less Monday, more summer.”

“Summertime and the living is easy.”

“Easy, peasy, summer breezy…”

Hello Summer Beach Quotes

“The beach is calling and I must go.”

“Love you to the beach and back.”

32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (7)

“Give me coffee to change the things I can, and the beach to accept the things I can’t.”

“Sand and sun, summer has begun!”

Using Hello Summer Quotes As Inspiration For Your Amazing Summer

1. Pick one or two of your favorite quotes and use them as motivation to make this summer the best one yet. Print them out, hang them up on your mirror or your fridge, write them in your planner, or carry them around with you to remind you of your ‘enjoy this summer!’ goals.

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2. Plan out your dream summer goals. Use these quotes as motivation to make your summer plans a reality. Whether you want to travel, learn something new, or just relax and enjoy the warm weather, start planning now so you can make the most of the season.

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3. Use these quotes as a starting point for brainstorming fun summer activities that you can do with your friends or family. Make an adult summer bucket list of all the things you want to do and cross them off as you go along.

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4. Keep these quotes in mind if you start feeling down or stressed out during the summer months. They can serve as a reminder that there’s so much to enjoy about this time of year, and that every day is an opportunity to welcome summer all over again, slow down, and create amazing memories.

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5. Share your favorite quotes with others to welcome summer! Post them on social media or text them to a friend. Doing this can kick off discussions about fun summer things you can do together, or you can give each other great ideas for personal summer goals.

Must-Have Items To Help You Enjoy The Summer

Even if you’re an indoorsy sort of person, you can still enjoy summer!

Feel the summer vibes by using the hello summer quotes in this post on a cute rustic felt letter board.

Bring some summer decor to your home with a beautiful summer door wreath or a few cute summer things for your tiered tray or shelves.

Burn summer-inspired candles like watermelon lemonade or summer citrus.

Summer to me has always meant more time to read! It’s the perfect time to try out a Kindle Unlimited subscription… or maybe see if audio books are your thing with a free Audible trial subscription.

Concluding Thoughts…

So there you have it, my top hello summer quotes to get you excited for the warmer months ahead! I hope this post has inspired you to make the most of summer when it arrives.

Whether you’re planning a beach holiday, a road trip or simply spending time in your garden or reading and napping in the cool shade, make sure you take the opportunity to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed this list of quotes to welcome the summer! What’s your favorite quote or saying about the season? Use it to start making plans today.

You’ve got this!

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32 Hello Summer Quotes That Perfectly Welcome The Season (2024)


How do you welcome summer season? ›

10 Delightful Ways to Welcome Summer Into Your Home
  1. Let In Fresh Air. It's finally warm enough to let the outside in. ...
  2. Hang Laundry On the Clothesline. ...
  3. Switch Out Your Wardrobe. ...
  4. Accessorize With Spring Colours. ...
  5. Hang a Floral Wreath. ...
  6. Fill Your Plate With Seasonal Flavours. ...
  7. Turn Up the Volume. ...
  8. Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden.

What is a good quote about summer? ›

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.

What is a quote about summer never ending? ›

There shall be an eternal summer in the grateful heart.

A grateful heart brings light, warmth and hope that never ends. May yours be filled with an eternal summer!

What is a quote about the beginning of summer? ›

Let these quotes about the start of summer inspire you to have your best summer yet.
  • 1. " Summer means happy times and good sunshine. ...
  • 4. " Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." — Russell Baker. ...
  • 9. “ What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
Jun 21, 2015

What are the 4 lines of summer season? ›

Summer is usually associated with hot, dry weather. The days are longer, and the nights are shorter during this season. From late morning to midnight, heat persists during the summer months. In the Hindu calendar, these months are called Jyeshta and Aashaadha.

What is the quote about summer love? ›

"A life without love is like a year without summer." "Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year—it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul." "I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year." "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

What is a deep quote about summer? ›

Top 5 Best Summer Quotes:

"Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun." "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's leash hath all too short a date."

What is a good summer quote for short? ›

"Summer means happy times and good sunshine."

What is a cute summer quote short? ›

Cute Summer Captions
  • Pool hair, don't care.
  • SPF is my BFF.
  • Everything's going swimmingly!
  • If you need me, I'll be under the sun.
  • Keepin' it reel.
  • The ocean has the friendliest wave!
  • Spending my days catching some rays.
  • Couldn't love you s'more.
Apr 10, 2024

What is a positive quote for end of summer? ›

With all these lovely tokens of September days are here, with summers best of weather and the autumns best of cheer.” “Summer's lease hath all too short a date.” “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” “A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye.”

What good is the warmth of summer quote? ›

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness." "Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius." "The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination."

What is one quote from all summer in a day? ›

“It had been raining for seven years; thousands upon thousands of days compounded and filled from one end to the other with rain, with the drum and gush of water, with the sweet crystal fall of showers and the concussion of storms so heavy they were tidal waves come over the islands.

When people come in for a season quote? ›

“People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” This is an opening line of a poem by Brian A. “Drew” Chalker. Since the poem became popular, the “reason, season, and lifetime” concept has been shared by many.

What is a simple sentence about summer season? ›

Summer is the season between March and June. It is the hot season when temperatures soar all around the country. The summer season is when the days are longer and nights are shorter. People spend their time going on vacations to beaches and cooler destinations during summer to escape the heat.

What is a sentence for summer season? ›

Examples of 'summer season' in a sentence
  • As always in ski zones, the challenge is to find activities to keep the show on the road during the summer season.
  • By the time the summer season was drawing to a close I'd reached an important crossroads in my life.

How do you describe summer season? ›

Summer is the hottest and brightest of the four temperate seasons, occurring after spring and before autumn. At or centred on the summer solstice, daylight hours are the longest and darkness hours are the shortest, with day length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice.

How do you say enjoy your summer? ›

here are some other ways to say "have a good summer vacation" in English:
  1. Wishing you a fantastic summer holiday!
  2. Have a wonderful, sun-filled summer break!
  3. May your summer vacation be filled with relaxation and adventure!
  4. Enjoy your well-deserved summer vacation!
Mar 28, 2023


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